Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to schedule an appointment? 
Answer:   You are requested to click on appointment button and keep following the instructions and you will get confirmation email in couple of minutes for your horoscope reading.

Question: Can i use my remaining minutes next time?
Answer: During your horoscope session you are allowed to ask as many as questions you want but after appointment we need to start working on horoscope from scratch which requires lot of time & energy so we are sorry we can't allow you to use remaining minutes.

Question: Do we need to pay extra if we exceed 10 to 15 minutes? 
Answer: No, you don't need to pay extra if it goes little longer.

Question : What do you need to for horoscope reading?
Answer:    Your date, time & place of birth is required to make and analyze a horoscope.

Question : What if i don't have exact time of birth or birth details?
Answer:   If time of birth is estimated by few hours it can be rectify and reading is possible but if you don't have date of birth then it is not possible to draw horoscope and we are unable to give reading.

Question: How can we reschedule an appointment?
Answer:   In appointment confirmation email you have a link for reschedule, kindly follow the link in order to reschedule.

Question:  Do you sell the gemstones or related stuff?
Answer:     No, we don't sell any kind of products, if asked we can recommend few better places to buy if required.

Question:  Is there parking available? 
Answer:   There is enough space available for parking or you can park on my driveway.

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