​I come from a Brahmin family and my grandfather was an astrologer himself, but he passed away when I was young enough to not understand what this field was all about. But I do vaguely remember people seeking advice from him. I guess astrology was somewhat inherited in my blood, which was honed by this unnamed Guru of mine from Panipat. The purity inset in me then has been doubled in due course of time with the reading of Shri Bhagwad Gita and Shri Bhagwatam Puran, and to top it all the believe in Krishna consciousness, which has changed my dignified lookout for the world.

I did my MBA in Human Resource from Kurukshetra University and again second MBA in the same field in 2009 from University of WALES, England. I had a bright and settled career in the field of Human resource hiring resources for companies’ like Zee Media, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of America to name a few. I did pursue my career till 2013 in this field, and then gave up my career to pursue my passion of astrology as a full time service to my clientele, who by now are more of friends and family to me then bare case studies. I have since then practiced in India, UK and am currently living in USA.

For the past 18 years, I have practiced my passion of astrology without charge, mainly as case studies, to gain perfection in my reading. I have done some major researches and studies for advancement into this field. Now my live show on 8K Radio NJ & 1600 AM gaining lot of appreciation for Past 3 years, Now i have brought a Tv Show name ASTRO SARTHI on Tv Asia USA 8:30 am everyday having a scientific & logic towards Astrology in 21st century which is also loved by everyone.

Research:  Prashar astrology, Jaimini astrology, Naadi jyotish, Brighu jyotish, Lal kitab, Yogini dasha, Prashan Shastra, Surya siddhant, Astro-cartography, Gemology

Expertise:  ​Marriage, Business/Career, Family/Children, Legal, Wealth, Spirituality, Karmic Past Life, Medical, Relocation, Gem stones.

I pray to Krishna to help me continue on this spiritual journey and thrive for betterment into this field.

Yogesh Sharma 
Vedic Astrologer & Researcher
Hare Krishna Astrology

Pandit Yogesh Sharma Astro Sarthi Tv Asia

“The event that led to my path into varied dimensions of astrology goes back to June’2000. I was in Panipat, totally disheartened and had given up all hope, when one evening I met an aged person sitting by the road practicing astrology (mainly reading palms and forehead), who charged only Rs. 11/- for his predictions. Not many people in India trust the road side astrologers and I was one of them, yet somehow I walked upto this person and offered Rs. 11/- to get my reading. He then gave me five predictions which were:Your house is under construction, Your father is bed-ridden. You will have to run out of your house on the day of Grah Puja. You will travel 1000 kilometers in a span of 2 days. You will in future become a very big astrologer yourself. My house was being built and yes my father was hospitalized but I had not told any of these to this stranger. But to my surprise, all these predictions came true in their due course of time. I did have to run out of house due to some riots in my village, Panipat, Haryana. 

Upon returning back to Panipat, I went to this person to seek more about me and seek training on this art, as I had already developed interest for ASTROLOGY. He did train me for one week, yes just 7 days, and then said my training was over. I went home that evening and next day when I returned, he wasn’t there. Never met him again in life but since then I have been studying to develop my skills to walk on the path he led me to walk on”

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